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Bruno D’Itri campaigns for the Right of a child to have a close and meaningful relationship with both its natural parents, post divorce/separation.


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  1. Hi Bruno,
    I read your articles with great interest, and hope that you continue to leave comments re updates in UK law and judicial attitudes.
    Personally (and of course I have a vested interest) I could not agree more strongly with your comments re “leave to remove” / relocation law and how that simply obliterates (in many cases) by definition any possibility for shared parenting to work.
    That was my personal bugbear, but upon further investigation (in particular reading your postings on legalliberal blogspot) I was staggered to discover that there is such a powerful lobby (in fact, any lobby at all) ignoring all of the evidence re shared parenting and so firmly in support of maintaining an antiquated status quo. I live in the Netherlands (although from the UK) and divorced here and the assumption here in NL is of shared parenting/joint custody… I did have an inkling that the UK system is somewhat behind, but I had no realisation as to quite how far.
    I simply cannot imagine having to go through a divorce in the UK when the mother also wants to relocate with the child to another country and I cannot imagine how a lot of fathers can live with that prospect… it’s beyond comprehension.
    Anyway…. I hope that the UK can at least play catch up and that the rest of the world can make further steps towards a system that makes sense for a childs welfare and rights to have both parents in their lives in a meaningful manner…

    • Hi Steve
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Holland has always been very progressive – the UK can certainly learn a lot from its continental cousins!
      Best regards

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